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Let’s face it, we all want Batman as our mentor. Following his accident on the set of the latest The Maze Runner movie, Dylan O’Brien is back in fighting form, this time taking on terrorists in the latest trailer for Michael Cuesta’s American Assassin.

O’Brien plays Mitch, a young CIA Black Ops recruit who loses his fiance in a terrorist attack. Fueled with grief and rage, he enlists in a program run by a former Cold War operative (Michael Keaton) in order to track down the people who shattered his life. Cue cathartic violence.

Hitman / government assassin films aren’t exactly in short supply, however the ones with any kind of emotional weight or substance outside of the action are a little tougher to find. This one definitely feels like a step in that direction. Cuesta doesn’t seem to be playing towards an all out smash fest, adding a little brain to the brawn, at least that’s what I’m getting from the trailer.

American Assassin hits screens this September!