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What in the actual Seabiscuit?! According to the comic creator of Hellboy, Mike Mignola, it looks like we’ll be getting a reboot of the film franchise first started by Guillermo Del Toro back in 2004, this time with David Harbour (Stranger Things) to star and Neil Marshall (The Descent) to direct an R-rated version. Needless to say, I’m pissed.

Making the announcement via social media, Mignola also mentioned that there will be more news to come. The social post has also been backed up by THR who mentioned that Millennium are also involved in the reboot and in current negotiations.

The last we saw of Hellboy was back in 2008 with The Golden Army. While it didn’t do an amazing job at the box office, it was admirable enough to warrant the talk of completing the trilogy. Director, Del Toro and original star, Ron Perlman both expressed their enthusiasm for making a third film. However, as recently as last year, Del Toro gave us the sad news that it probably wasn’t going to happen.

And now this. Why not just kick GDT and Perlman in the teeth while you’re at it? Why even bother with this when the last two films were great? Del Toro poured his heart and soul into both films and would have done the same for a third had he had the chance. Jeebus, at least let the man finish what he started!