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The upcoming Netflix / Marvel series, The Punisher recently wrapped production of the first season in New York, so naturally we’re about to get a flood of clips, pics and a whole assortment of goodies to ring in the series that’ll debut later in the year.

To kick things off, while not an official look, we’ve got our clearest view yet of Jon Bernthal donning the Skull vest the violent vigilante is so famous for in these set pics of the show:

I still maintain that the casting of Bernthal as Frank Castle is a masterstroke, and whoever thought of it needs a kiss / hug / hamper of assorted chocolate and alcohol as thanks. Bernthal has an animalistic intensity that goes beyond what we’ve seen previous. While guys like Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson have brought a stoic, dead eyed tough guy approach, Bernthal has kind of gone in the opposite direction, brimming with violent energy, ready to snap at any moment. He’s focused rage and I bloody love him for it.

The Punisher hits Netflix sometime this year. Hopefully we’ll get an exact release date soon!